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Learn Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Becoming a digital marketer can be tough since it involves so many different fields like Search Engine Optimization, Social Content, and Content Marketing. In this article, I’ll teach you the ways in which AI and Machine Learning have made it easier for marketers in both B2B and B2C marketing. AI is quickly becoming a pillar of digital marketing – holding the power to make marketing much more targeted and efficient.

Read what would be the top 4 ways digital marketers can use AI in their work. undefined AI is a hugely important discussion that all marketers should be familiar with. With the development of AI and machine learning, billions have been invested in infrastructure and technology, providing a competitive advantage for many industries in terms of efficiency and cost.

Digital marketers can also benefit from this great technological advancement as they leverage these capabilities to reach out to their target audiences more efficiently, avoid the costs associated with traditional marketing such as publicity bills and acquisition traffic, and gain more data regarding their consumers.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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What are the two forms of AI?

When it comes to AI, there are two different forms. Natural language processing falls under the broader category of machine learning, in which artificial intelligence computers can learn tasks like facial recognition or speech synthesis. The other form of AI is narrow AI, used for building specific applications and software that have a practical function.

There are two forms of AI: the spectrum and the screen. The spectrum is what machines can do, like search engines, facial recognition and self-driving cars. The screen form is where AI comes into use in a marketer’s mind: computer vision algorithms used for taking pictures and processing them for analytics, image tagging for photo management websites, etc.

How does AI and Machine Learning differ?

AI is an immensely powerful resource, slim and inexpensive. To stand a chance of getting anywhere with web marketing, you must include AI as part of your marketing plan. The target? Automation. Many marketers are taking the lead by adding intelligence to the mix and applying machine learning technologies to AI content generation which can then be targeted by advertisement platforms like Google and Facebook to maximize conversions rates.

Artificial intelligence is a term that encompasses the technologies, namely computer programs and natural (or evolutionary) learning machines that can successfully perform tasks that involve reasoning, perception and decision making. Machine Learning on the other hand focuses more on the use of statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and learning algorithms.

How does machine learning improve your blog content?

Machine learning has been around for quite some time, but many marketers are unaware of how it can help their content. For example, AI technology that allows machine learning to scan your blog is highly innovative and will be a game changer in not only digital marketing but also business. Increasingly, businesses are using machine learning to help bulk up blog content. Machine learning works by building on large sets of data that the blog collected from previous posts and comments.

Using machine learning practices allow for consistency in reaching your audience and improving quality, which should lead to more customers. “AI is fun for marketers.” -John Wu, Intel

AI is quickly making its way into the digital marketing sector, and brands can jump on board now by tapping in to machine learning tools. Bots are an exciting means of attack, with website content like AI-powered commercials that automatically target ads to viewers based on what they’re doing on their computers.

How is machine learning helpful for a blog platform such as WordPress or Blogger?

Machine learning can be an integral tool for digital marketers. It has the ability to use past blog posts or website visitors and identify key influencers and optimize audience targeting based on these findings. WordPress also uses machine learning to automatically add pre-written blog posts to topics without the need of input from a manual editor. Google the term and you will find plenty of articles explaining why machine learning would be a good fit.

Several of these articles mention some of the many benefits such as automated content marketing campaigns that don’t rely on human input, algorithmic detection of quality content, and increased reader engagement. AI also helps business with: saving money and time, streamlining tasks such as site crawling, consolidating content creation and campaign management.

Advancements in machine learning

Advancements in machine learning
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Artificial Intelligence is having a major impact on what we do and how businesses operate. While AI finds much of its growth in the era of big data, advanced analytics and match algorithms emerging opportunities with the old ways of thinking can still be pursued by those looking to expand their capabilities. Microsoft is the first tech company to create bots that are capable of learning on its own.

With their Bot Framework and Visual Recognition Service training files, they allow developers to teach the bot machine how to recognize specific things with image and video recognition technologies. Microsoft also provides an AI platform called Project Oxford. This platform allows developers to tap into a library of over 15 billion pieces of text which can be studied for patterns.

Developers can then leverage these patterns in applications that enable people make smarter decisions or learn from data in real-time. There are still plenty of opportunities for digital marketers to infuse the world of AI with the help of machine learning. Beginning by bringing up-to-date the ML models in their current digital projects, digital marketers can benefit from technology that’s beyond just counting ads and clicks because they may be able to use natural language processing, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and more.

And how does AI make your blog more searchable?

Earlier this year, marketing agency HubSpot released a study stating that artificial intelligence can help improve search engines. At the same time, research shows news articles about AI will grow rapidly – 78% by 2022 worldwide. This significant jump in articles has caused top digital marketers to realize the importance of taking advantage of technology to boost their website traffic, so they began tapping into the art of AI marketing to create creative landing pages and brandable content.

 In 2018, the term “automation” is meaningfully tied with AI. Because no two companies are exactly similar and every business needs a custom marketing strategy that benefits their audience, this type of technology can help you make sure that your content gets seen across all platforms, thanks to its reach.

Conclusions on ways to use AI

Many AI applications provide HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that you can use to create your next creativity-driven project. “You don’t need to learn years of programming,” writes Jeff Chamberlin in Forbes, “just the basics and you’ll be able to make everything from game levels to entire websites.” With AI powered platforms like Adobe’s XD, you can create pixel perfect work AI can help marketers use the platform significantly to improve their online strategies.

AI will elevate digital strategies, making them more financially sustainable. These changes are just an example of how far AI can help marketing endeavors. Below are four conclusions on ways to use AI that make sense for digital marketers.

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